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Aphra: heterosexual Petrus: not dateable Agree, find him or her in the bedroom of one of your residences and confess your love. You can only confess your love to one of your companions!

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The others won't date you if your level with another character is already set on "Loving". Therefore, you should load your previous save after unlocking the related achievement and proceed with another companion.

Carants Have a good reputation with the natives Thélème's chosen Have a good reputation with Thélème Favoured with the Bridge Alliance Have a good reputation with the Bridge Alliance All for one, one for all!

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You Dating Woman Gameuse to unite all factions against Constantin All faction reputations can be increased like the character relationships.

Finish all secondary quests and pay attention to your decisions and their impacts. Load a previous save if you have noticed a negative score, even if it's just a tiny decrement. Sometimes, it's inevitable to increase the level of a faction without losing sympathies with another. Most quests will appear Intalnire online in Togo, but some must be started manually by talking to certain people.

Hence, you should visit important characters regularly and always exhaust all Dating Woman Gameuse their dialogues - especially Admiral Cabral in the Port Quarter and the quartermasters in the Coin Guard Barracks. Note, that some faction-related quests Natives will already appear after playing for a few hours whilst others Bridge Alliance will come to the fore during late-game.

Having good reputations with all factions allows you to pick all of them as allies during the final chapter.

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Convince all of them to help you during the main quest "Together for Teer Fradee". Use it with LMB and do damage times. Melee weapons require "Agility".

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War mage Do damage times with an offensive spell Press 'I' key and equip any ring. Rings require "Mental Power".

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Musketeer Do damage times with shots Press 'I' key and equip any pistol or rifle. Choose "Firearms" and do damage times.

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Firearms require the "Firearms" skill. Choose "Set a X Trap" and do damage times. Using poisoned traps counts towards the "Poisoning artist" achievement progress as well.

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Traps require the "Set Trap" skill. Choose "Set a Poisoned Trap" and poison enemies times. Shadow blade Use your assassination skills 30 times Crouch and creep silently to the back of an enemy.

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