LinkedIn este un site de dating

Am încercat să agăț bărbați prin rețeaua favorită a corporatiștilor

I am intrigued by the professional experience of the requester. Curious, I read the whole description. A lot of arty, amazing and unusual artistic stuff.

LinkedIn este un site de dating

A fascinating job. I accept the invite. I respond with a a friendly welcoming message and ask him about his ongoing projects.

LinkedIn este un site de dating

I want to know as well what brought him towards my profile and what made him want to connect. The second day, I get his response. Photo by Pixabay on Pexels. What did my photo inspired you?

LinkedIn este un site de dating

And what made you want to connect afterwards? Meanwhile I decide to change my profile picture with a more recent one. Compared to the previous picture that was taken about two years ago and showed a slimmer, longer haired version of me, I look more mature.

Maybe because of the few extra kilograms that I had put on. I smile in the picture.

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Half an hour later I receive his message. How are you?

LinkedIn este un site de dating

Why you changed your picture? Then I start feeling a lot of tension in my body. It is the anger that starts taking shape, surrounding me, mounting along my spine towards my temples. I am outraged at the thought of how a man LinkedIn este un site de dating judge and objectify a woman based on her picture. Choosing to connect professionally to someone based only on a picture is I believe, limited.

Otherwise I am pretty fine, thank you.

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What exactly is your interest, btw? What made you want to connect with me on this professional network?

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And what exactly from my picture is scary for you? Maybe my new picture did not bring my best ever smile. Later on, a new request comes in. There is no projects or reason.

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We can only say laughter. It is a professional network. Share this:.

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