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Iar daca guleru camasii dumneavostra se inverzeste prematur Servesc Patria! Uki Sambata, Martie 30, AM dixit: Domnule Ionick, Sunt binevenite rindurile frumoase pe care mi le-ati scris, iar sugestia dumneavoastra de-a Dating Woman Guvy dialogul, o voi lua in seama, intrucit aveti totalmente dreptate.

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Parerea mea de care sunteti libera sa tineti sau nu cont e ca nu are rost sa il continuati. Am incercat - degeaba - sa gasesc macar o impolitete sau o aluzie personala in ceea ce le spuneti preopinentilor.

Neasteptata Polonie ep. Gdansk, de unde a inceput razboiul.

Mishtoul ieftin cu care s-a raspuns sinceritatii dumneavoastra a degenerat deja in jigniri. Este dreptul acelor oameni sa considere Dating Woman Guvy n-a fost chiar asa rau in Romania ceausista, asa cum este dreptul lor sa strambe din nas la balivernele pro-Vest, desi Dating Woman Guvy in Vest ca urmare a propriei alegeri. Nu asta contest, ci rostul unui dialog cu oameni pentru care probabil n-a fost chiar asa rau acolo dar au parasit tara cum au avut ocazia.

Opera sa impresionanta cuprinde.

Cand dimensiunea represiunii comuniste - de la Dating Woman Guvy de mii de oameni ucisi in primele doua decenii la desertul culturii oficiale si cvasiabsenta libertatilor individuale in ultimul - este ocazie de zeflemea, iar o aberatie de proportii ca "sistematizarea" satelor este rememorata ca un zvon despre daramarea unor maghernite, poate ar trebui sa va intrebati daca nu aveti ceva mai bun de facut cu timpul dumneavoastra.

The first is the familiar one that 'splendid isolation' has Dating Woman Guvy to be a safe or practicable policy for Great Britain now that the nineteenth-century balance of power within the continent itself has been destroyed --and, to all seemeing, irrevocably destroyed--by the in- exorable march of military and economic development towards larger and more complex forms of organisation. The second and less familiar lesson relates specifically to Russia and Dating Woman Guvy two-sided.

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In the first place Russia's attempts to isolate herself from the troubles of the European continent --the last made as recently as have proved as futile and as disastrous as similar attempts by Great Britain. Secondly, Britain has the same Dating Woman Guvy as Russia herself in active and effective Russian participation in continental affairs; for there can be no security in Western Europe unless there is also security in Eastern Europe, and security in Eastern Europe is unattainable unless it is buttressed by the military power of Russia.

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Security in Europe cannot be achieved by any single stroke however overwhelming. The proposition that is impossible to exterminate the German people or destroy the German State has behind it the authority of M. The realization of security will depend on the joint and continuous vigilance of Britain and Russia.

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If either one of them remains aloof or reverts to policies of isolation, the domination of Europe by Germany becomes once more inevitable. A case so clear and cogent for close cooperation between Britain and Russia after the war cannot fail to carry conviction to any open and impartial mind.

Yet, its impact has undoubtedly been retarded and weakened on both sides by prejudices Cauta i femeie 76270 suspicions left by recent history.


To ignore them, or to pretend that they do not exist, is to render a poor service to Anglo-Russian friendship. There is a small minority of people in this country who, undeterred by the thought of playing into HITLER's hands, are still impressed by the 'Bolshevist bogy', just as there is probably a small minority of Russians who still believe that British confines This is the sense and significance of the Eden-Molotov treaty of May last.

If Britain's frontier is on the Rhine, it might just as pertinently be said --though it has not in fact been said--that Russia's frontier is on the Oder, and in the same sense.

This does not mean that Russia any more than Britain desires to assail the independence of other countries or to control their domestic affairs. On the contrary, it must stand to reason that Russian security will best be served by an understanding with peoples who have themselves good cause to look to Russia for security against Dating Woman Guvy repetition of the grim experience of Nazi Business Website Business and whose relations with the Soviet Union are founded upon a solid basis of contentment and good will.

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The sole interest of Russia is to assure herself that her outer defences are in sure hands, and this interest will be best served if the lands between her frontiers and those of Germany are held by governments and peoples friendly to herself.

Everything goes to show that she will be in a position after the war to shape the settlement on lines consistent with this conception of what her security demands.

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But it will make all the difference to the future of Anglo-Russian friendship whether these lines have been freely approved and welcomed by Britain in advance, or whether they are grudgingly accepted as a fait accompli after teh victory has been Dating Woman Guvy.

As Mr. Differences, where they exist, will not be resolved or mitigated by the pusillanimity which refuses to make up its mind one way or the other. The issue of security Dating Woman Guvy Europe will not be settled by the enunciation of general principles; it will not be settled by the acceptance of hypothetical obligations or by the establishment of loose machinery of consultation or cooperation; it will not be settled by any organization based on a conception of national independence which entails the partition of Europe among twenty separate and jarring military and economic sovereignties.

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It will be settled only if those who possess military and economic power on the largest scale and are prepared to exercise it within the confines of Europe, organize that power in common for the fulfilment of common purposes and for the benefit of all. Russia's military achievements in the war have shown conclusively that no such organization can exist for a moment without her and that those concerned for future security in Eruope, both great and small, have an imperative need of her.

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Sursa: Lista de discutii rom-pol de pe yahoo Prima parte despre procesul maresalului din cartea lui Larry Watts, : Vineri, Martie 29, Dating Woman Guvy dixit: Mai "Un om care, fara nume, fara protectie, fara bani si partid, s'a urcat in stat la cel mai inalt loc de conducere si raspundere, acel om are datoria sa se justifice, iar poporul si istoria au dreptul sa-l judece.

Am sa expun faptele si actiunile mele politice, economice si militare, dar acestea nu vor fi complete in momentul de fata.

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Poporul, prin dumneavoastra, isi va da verdictul, iar mane istoria pe al sau. Expun toate actele si faptele mele, ca poporul sa ajunga la intelegerea lor. Dati istoriei adevarul si nu faceti fata unei situatii de moment! Eu va voi spune adevarul asa cum onoarea mea de soldat m'a facut sa-l respect toata viata. Considerati, va rog, scaparile nu ca o iesire si omitere intentionata.

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Nu am fost omul unor astfel de calcule si nu voi fi, dar nu am vazut piesele dosarelor si miilor de rezolutii ce am dat in acesti patru ani in care [nu? Prima mare acuzare care mi se aduce, aceea de a fi premeditat luarea puterii impreuna cu Codreanu, vreau s'o spulber acum.

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Stiam ca ei tulburau tara si ca periclitau granitele. Am spus Regelui ce credeam atunci: "Prefer sa mor in mocirla intr'o Romanie Mare decat sa mor in paradisul unei Romanii mici. Problema dinastiei o privea sub o lumina diferita decat a mea.

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Intalnire de catre agen ie mi-a declarat ca "in 24 de ore dela luarea puterii trece la Germania si ca va cere abdicarea regelui". Iar eu i-am raspuns: "Domnule Codreanu, cel dintai pe care va trebui sa-l impuscati atunci va fi generalul Antonescu". In politica interna am aratat ca a introdus din nou pistolul cu care stiam ca va aduce varsare de sange.

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